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WT-R PTFE gasket tape

WT-R PTFE gasket tapes consist of PTFE (ePTFE) with a mono-directional fibrous structure reinforced with inorganic filler.


Advantages and possible applications

WT-R PTFE gasket tapes are used for sealing steel flanges in frictional connection.
WT-R PTFE gasket tapes are typically installed in power plants for sealing of heat exchangers and all kinds of appliances.
Typical applications are in the power plant sector in the sealing of heat exchangers and appliances of all kinds.

Due to the homogeneous filler distribution and the high filler content, WT-R PTFE
gasket tapes yield a better performance at higher temperatures.


Chemical resistance of PTFE material

pH 0-14 chemicaly resistant to all media, except dissolved or molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at higher temperatures and pressures.


Temperature resistance of PTFE material

-240° C to 270 ° C, intermittent to 315 ° c.


Recommended operating ranges

Pressure : Vacuum up to 25 bar
Temperature : -200° C to 250 ° C


Delivery sizes

Standardised cross sections : 6×2,5 / 8×3,5 / 10×5 mm
Standard spool lengths (cf. product data sheet)

Other cross sections and spool lengths on request.