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WT-B PTFE gasket tape

The self-adhesive WT-B PTFE gasket tapes consist of 100% pure virgin expanded PTFE (ePTFE). The special stretching process used in manufacturing produces a multi-directional fibrous structure, giving the gasket material specific characteristics and properties. WT‑B PTFE flat gasket tapes are also at higher temperatures and surface pressure, similar to WT-A gasket sheets, show nearly no increase in width, have an extremely low creep and feature an exceptional adaptability to unevenness and damages on the flange surface.


Advantages and possible applications

WT-B PTFE gasket tapes are suited for sealing in frictional connection, for large flange diameters and geometrically complicated surfaces. Within the admissible temperature range they are used for sealing steel flange components, as well as components with stress-sensitive materials like enamel, glass, ceramic, GRP. Typical applications are the densities of large pressure vessels, Tube bundle- and block heat exchangers, mixers, apparatus, etc. WT-B PTFE flat gasket tapes are used in the chemical industry general, in power plants, in the food industry, pharmaceutical applications, in plant engineering, etc.

WT-B PTFE gasket tapes offer a wide range of benefits like:

  • no punching required
  • fast installation
  • no waste or scrap
  • excellent adaptability to uneven sealing surfaces
  • almost no increase in width under stress (thus suitable also for narrow flange surfaces)

WT-B PTFE gasket tapes, in contrary to WT-A gasket sheets, require more space during installation (min.. 60 mm flange distance).


Chemical resistance of PTFE material

pH 0-14 chemicaly resistant to all media, except dissolved or molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at higher temperatures and pressures.


Temperature resistance of PTFE material

-240° C to 270 ° C, intermittent to 315 ° c.


Recommended operating ranges

Pressure : Vacuum up to 64 bar (for stress-sensitive materials like. ceramic or glass to 6 bar)
Temperature : -240° C to 230 ° C


Delivery sizes

Standard thicknesses up to 10 mm
Standard widths up to 65 mm
Standard length 10,0 m

Other lengths, width, thickness on request.