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WT-E PTFE gasket tape

WT-E PTFE gasket tapes consist of 100% expanded PTFE (ePTFE) of higher density with mono-directional fibrous structure.


Advantages and possible applications

WT-E PTFE gasket tapes are suited for sealing in frictional connection.
They are suitable for all kinds of flanges and flange surfaces. Such as: steel, aluminium, rubber lined surfaces, GFK etc.

WT-E PTFE gasket tapes are used in sealing of: Machine enclosures, mixers, sight glasses, containers etc.

WT-E PTFE gasket tapes offer a wide range of benefits like:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Due to the higher density and the achieved width/height proportion WT-E PTFE flat gasket tapes are especially suited for sealing flanges with large flatness imperfections or narrow surfaces.


Chemical resistance of PTFE material

pH 0-14 chemicaly resistant to all media, except dissolved or molten alkali metals
and elemental fluorine at higher temperatures and pressures.


Temperature resistance of PTFE material

-240° C to 270 ° C, intermittent to 315 ° c.


Recommended operating ranges

Pressure : Vacuum up to 6 bar
Temperature : -240° C to 200 ° C


Delivery sizes

Standardised cross sections : 3×0,3 / 3×0,7 / 4×1,5 / 4×2,5 / 6×4,6 / 8×5,5 / 10×7 mm
Standard spool lengths (cf. product data sheet)

Other cross sections and spool lengths on request.